Wall Street Journal: ‘The Lake’ Review: Cabin Fever

“The Lake” begins with the very white, unquestioningly gay Justin (Jordan Gavaris) trying to buy politically correct ice cream for his mixed-race biological daughter, Billie (Madison Shamoun), who was adopted by black parents and identifies accordingly. Chocolate? “Pandering,” he says to himself. Vanilla? “Probably triggering.” Rainbow pops? “Too on the nose.” In the end, no ice cream.

Entertainment Weekly: Jordan Gavaris wants you to join him at The Lake

Amazon’s first Canadian original series (June 17) is full of family drama, small-town charm, and lots of laughs. After infidelity causes the end of a long-term relationship, Justin (Jordan Gavaris) heads back home to Canada to reconnect with his life there, including his birth daughter Billie (Madison Shamoun). While he hasn’t spent much time with Billie since she was adopted, they have always known about one another, and their summer at the lake is a chance to connect. “Whether he realizes it or not, he is also reconnecting with some fundamental part of himself from when he was younger, as we do when our adult life blows up,” Gavaris tells EW.