Season 1 - Mystery Procedural, 2017. Sony International Channels/Bell Media. 10 Eps x 60 min. In Distribution

Season 2 - Mystery Procedural, 2019. Sony International Channels / Bell Media. 10 Eps x 60 min. In Distribution


CARTER is a light procedural with strong mysteries and a lot of heart. It follows actor Harley Mackay, a small town boy who went down to Hollywood to make it big and got as big as you could get. For eight years he’s been the star of the number one show on American network television — CALL CARTER.  After a very public breakdown of his marriage, he retreats to his small hometown. Unfortunately, everyone recognizes him and they all seem to believe he shares the same detective skillset as his onscreen persona. All to the frustration of his childhood best friend Sam, who is now a successful police officer and can’t deny there is still some chemistry there.  Harley may protest that he’s not a real detective, but he can’t resist a mystery and he may be better at solving them than he knows… Including the mystery of his own mother who went missing years ago.