The 9 Best Movie and TV Comedies to Watch Right Now

Here’s a roundup of the most noteworthy movie and TV comedies to watch right now, as covered by The Wall Street Journal’s critics.

“The Lake” begins with the very white, unquestioningly gay Justin (Jordan Gavaris) trying to buy politically correct ice cream for his mixed-race biological daughter, Billie (Madison Shamoun), who was adopted by black parents and identifies accordingly. Chocolate? “Pandering,” he says to himself. Vanilla? “Probably triggering.” Rainbow pops? “Too on the nose.” In the end, no ice cream.

Woke-ishness and its occasional associate, cancel culture, don’t seem inherently funny, but everything is fodder for comedy, no? The recently concluded season of “Saturday Night Live” featured the deviously funny Sarah Sherman regularly roasting Colin Jost by torturing everything he said into potentially career-ending, out-of-context headlines. Showtime’s Ziwe Fumudoh—whose “Ziwe” suggests both “Between Two Ferns” and “Bratz”—does something very similar to her guests. And “The Lake,” the deliciously bitchy new comedy from Amazon, doesn’t just find the piquant comedy in p.c.; its whole setup makes light of the diversity-obsessed.